ORDITAL provides an enterprise solution that allows data from a client's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to be imported and exported to ORDITAL's cloud based asset database. The data can be synchronized with mobile devices that have the ORDITAL mobile app installed to allow high resolution images to be COLLECTED (classified, catalogued and uploaded back to the server)

Once the photo archive is loaded onto the server data can be extracted from the photos to provide raw data of measurable quality. That raw data is POST PROCESSED to improve accuracy of the data, then make of equipment is VALIDATED against the ORDITAL live manufacturer database.

An enterprise social network is delivered with the solution to allow COLLABORATION internally, or between operators, contractors and manufacturers to further improve the quality of information.

When information is approved it can be EXCHANGED in client specific template formats to allow submission to client specific data governance processes and eventual upload into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

The Materialized data (make, model, serial number) can change quite frequently, so keeping on top of data corrosion is essential. The best way to do that is to have anyone that visits the equipment taking photographs on a continuous basis and thus ensuring that your physical and digital plant remain in sync for the life of the facility. The most expensive part of the process is getting someone in front to the asset, so if you have someone visiting the asset anyway then the incremental cost to COLLECT more photographs is negligible.