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Changing Asset Data Capture



There are many types and sources of data, each with varying inherent accuracy characteristics. We discuss the importance of functional and materialized asset information

The owner of the asset is looking to return maximum value from the operation of the asset. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a core enabler of this undertaking.

[RESTRICTED] An often overlooked cost is the time spent by auditors in uploading and manually cataloguing asset photos. This calculator demonstrates a compelling ROI from our solution with this workflow alone.

[RESTRICTED] The solution is geared around improving asset data quality for asset management, so this section details how that data round trip occurs.

[RESTRICTED] There are a number of ways to extract data from photos within the solution and this section discusses some of the more common methods.

[RESTRICTED] The post-processing service creates a network linking assets to the various companies that are related to the asset, allowing changes to the supply chain to be monitored in real time.

Contractors, and Consultants, need to understand precisely what assets are within their scope of work so that they can safely execute work and provide optimum recommendations to their clients.

Manufacturers, and their agents, are in a constant battle to "protect their base and replace their competitors" within the asset owner. Visibility into the installed base is critical to achieve this.

[RESTRICTED] We are continuously evaluating the latest enterprise platforms on which to build the ORDITAL solution. This section provides information on the current platforms in the production release.

[RESTRICTED] The heart of the ORDITAL solution is its patented classification system which enables a large library of images to be assembled very rapidly.

[RESTRICTED] ORDITAL has patented a schema of attributes that it extracts from each photo classification that is supports.

[RESTRICTED] The connections between assets and companies enables a social network to be established connecting assets and products.