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Changing Asset Data Capture

By far the biggest impact to the financial & technical success of any asset audit project is the ability to cost effectively get people in front of assets. For most organizations that comes down to a decision on whether to use their internal staff, or contractors, to carry out the audit. Whilst the ORDITAL process is on average three times faster than traditional audit methods, there is still some time and effort required. With the constant pressure to reduce costs faced by most organizations, it is common for organizations to be unable to find any spare capacity to take on additional tasks, no matter how efficient it is made.

Since ORDITAL was founded in 2014 we have seen many projects stagnate when internal resources were relied on for conducting asset audits. On the other hand, those projects that engaged contractors have delivered quality results in a timely fashion. ORDITAL has now established partnerships with the leading global industrial automation solutions vendor, and the leading Australasian facilities manager to allow clients to utilize turn-key asset data capture projects


Emerson Automation Solutions helps manufacturers achieve top quartile business performance through the industry’s broadest portfolio of technologies to measure, control, optimize and power their operations – and the experience and expertise to solve their toughest problems. From reliable, easy-to-use and innovative products to responsive, expert services.


ORDITAL and Emerson Automation Solutions have entered into a multi-year agreement where ORDITAL's solutions can now be provided by Emerson Reliability Consulting as part of a complete maintenance & reliability program.

The foundation of any maintenance & reliability program is a complete and accurate equipment list (asset master data). The ORDITAL solution typically allows this equipment list to be captured with 1) significantly more information; 2) information captured more accurately with measurable quality; 3) often achieving savings of 40% on the data capture project and; 4) field capture completed up to 3 times faster meaning safety is improved by having people in hazardous environments for shorter periods of time.

Unfortunately, this potential is not always realized in all projects. In those projects that fail to realize these benefits the problem can generally be traced back to a lack of dedicated resources to execute and manage the project to a successful outcome. This is why the agreement with Emerson Reliability Consulting is so important to ORDITAL customers.

Emerson Reliability Consulting brings the resources and expertise, anywhere in the world, to ensure that ORDITAL customers can not only establish a solid foundation of asset master data (equipment list), but to do so in the context of a complete maintenance and reliability implementation. This context offers the potential to drive even further savings for ORDITAL customers through greater integration with other phases of the development of the complete maintenance program.

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