A company's installed customer base is a sales organization's most valuable asset. And companies that produce products for sales are first and foremost sales organizations. It might be stating the obvious, but companies that produce products for sale survive or fail on their ability to sell those products. Plenty of great products fall by the wayside without an adequate avenue to market.

As the sales organization's most valuable asset, the installed base needs to be protected. For most companies this means that they need to ensure that their products are not replaced with a competitor's products (protecting the base), but then work to have your competitor's products replaced with your products in that customer account (expanding into your customer's territory).

However, in a globally distributed business there are often many transactions between the manufacturer and the ultimate end user of the product which can obscure the true status of the base. Without an accurate picture of the base the sales organization is going to struggle to protect that base and expand it.

With so many links in the information handover chain between manufacturer and operator, the chances of the operator getting accurate information about your product, or your local representative (subsidiary or vendor) knowing they have your product in their territory, are remote. Properly classified photographs of the products however can clarify this situation - photographs taken by either the operator or the local representative - can remove the ambiguity.

ORDITAL solutions allow the operator, manufacturer, and local manufacturer's representative to find each other. Once that connection has been established the integrated social network allows this community to engage and allows manufacturers and their local representatives to educate their clients on value added services and new products they have available. This facilitates a move away from traditional selling to social selling.