ORDITAL's founder, Stephen Crampton, applied for an Innovation Patent from the Australian Government's IP Australia organization. The Innovation Patent was granted on 5th November, 2015 and is valid for 8 years. The patent is for a "Classification system for photographs of equipment and extraction of a schema of attributes for each classification type via crowdsourcing" that is described in detail on this web site.

The Innovation Patent is something that is offered by IP Australia as a cost effective means to protect your invention. The intent of any patent is to prevent others from simply copying your invention. To get a standard patent requires a lengthy and expensive process that is only ever going to be of value if someone is trying to copy your invention. The Innovation Patent on the other hand allows you to file your invention at a specific date and if someone copies your invention you can go through the process of examination and certification and receive the same level of protection as a standard patent in preventing others from copying your invention. Unlike a standard patent, you only pay to have an innovation patent examined when you need to stop others from copying your invention. 

A further innovation patent was granted specifically with respect to the photography and extraction of data from meters of various types.