Contractors are engaged by the owner / operators of facilities from time to time to provide specialist expertise on projects required to meet regulatory requirements, or to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of the facility. In almost all cases, a key part of any of these contractor's activities is understanding precisely what is installed in the facility so that they can provide optimum recommendations to their clients.

As part of their role, contractors are commonly sending people to inspect the equipment and take digital photographs of the equipment. These photographs contain a lot of valuable information, however the cost and time required to catalogue and interrogate these photographs is often prohibitive. The end result is that this information is often lost.

ORDITAL provides solutions that allow contractors to cost effectively capture and catalogue classified equipment photographs that can be used to close asset information gaps and provide a valuable reference from on-going work with the asset. It allows contractor organizations to provide their clients with another tangible continuous improvement whilst saving money themselves in the capture and cataloguing of as-built information.


Inspection contractors visit equipment and carry out tests to provide independent certification that the equipment remains safe to operate and is compliant with relevant regulations related to the operation of that type of equipment.

A common example of this type of inspection would be those on pressure vessels by classification societies.


Services contractors provide maintenance services on equipment on behalf of the operator. The services contractor may be related to the manufacturer or vendor that provided the equipment, or they may be general purpose maintenance service providers.

The service contractor is under pressure to provide continuous improvement to demonstrate value and retain the ongoing services contract with the operator.


Engineering contractors provide services for projects to improve the performance of the existing asset. This might take the form of a shutdown, revamp or expansion. Maintenance engineering may also take place from time to time to improve maintenance performance of the facility.

Understanding exactly what is installed in the facility is often the first step in these improvement projects.