Walking a mile in the shoes of an Inspector

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone in a comfortable office tell me that they'll "just" get the guys in the field to do this or that for them... Well I'd have more dollars than I do now.

The old saying to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes means before judging someone, you must understand his experiences, challenges, thought processes, etc. It is in effect, a reminder to practice empathy. 

The asset inspector is the key to any asset data collection program. A little empathy for the challenges faced by the asset inspector will go a long way to ensuring a successful outcome for asset data collection efforts.

At ORDITAL we were acutely aware of this, so did not start development of our mobile solution until we had real field personnel to work with. Today we are into our 6th major release of the mobile app and each release has been driven by customers with the goal of making things easier for asset inspectors.

In March, 2017, one of ORDITAL's clients in Alberta, Canada engaged Sharptail Inspection Services to conduct asset audits on two of their oil & gas facilities. At the time of writing this blog this project remains an ongoing activity. Sharptail Inspection Services are based in Edmonton, Alberta and provide specialist oil & gas inspection services.

Paul Diachyshyn, an inspector at Sharptail Inspection Services, is involved in both of these projects and was kind enough to share his thoughts on using the ORDITAL solution in comparison to other more traditional asset audits that he has been involved in.

Hazardous environments require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

iPhone 6 with intrinsically safe case that was used for the collection project where explosion proof certification was required.

A mobile phone is light and can be operated with one hand

Data collection without the ORDITAL App requires more than one tool (camera, paper, pen, computer software). Each of those steps take up time, space, filing issues and leaves room for errors. ORDITAL captures the data, photos and location in one streamlined program. ORDITAL provides a quality product, sharp clear image of assets, is fast and easy to use. This provides a win-win for the inspector and the client. The tech support and asset review process is some of the best I’ve seen for any app based program. Quality data captured at the beginning of any fixed equipment project, regardless of industry, pays dividends in years to come. Done right the first time and the data can continually be used for reference. Future cost savings cannot be measured as the app removes re-work, error, doubt and unnecessary conventional steps. 
— Paul Diachyshyn, Sharptail Inspection Services

The ORDITAL approach is to allow inspectors to fully describe assets via classified photographs of equipment. This approach allows inspectors to rapidly capture information that fully describes the equipment with a few simple clicks then move onto the next asset.

The simple operation of the app makes it easy for inspectors to operate, even in hazardous environments where fire resistant personal protective equipment (including gloves) is mandatory.

One of the sites that was audited required intrinsically safe devices. To satisfy this requirement, an iPhone 6 was equipped with an intrinsically safe case, as shown, which allowed it to be used in a Class 1 Div 2 hazardous area.

The ORDITAL approach is to focus on delivering better asset data collection outcomes by making an inspector's life easier. The experience with Sharptail Inspections proved this to be a win for the client, the inspector and ORDITAL.

Stephen Crampton