A deeper look at the ORDITAL Mobile App

In a blog post on November 11, 2015 I provided a brief introduction to the ORDITAL Mobile App. In this updated blog post I'd like to expand upon that original post to show the full end to end capabilities of using the ORDITAL system for capturing asset photos during an asset field audit.

The original post included a video that shows how you would take your existing asset database (ie. SAP PM) and synchronize that with the mobile device. This shows how you can segment these assets into punch lists and how you can keep track of which assets have already been audited so that the work process can be easily managed. This video was originally published in the November 11, 2015 blog post.

Now we show taking the ORDITAL mobile app out into the field and collect photos against assets and components in our database. We also identify those assets we have been unable to locate and we show adding new components and assets to the the system.

Finally, in the third of these videos we show the result that is synchronized back with the ORDITAL server and how we can work with the data that has been captured.

The capabilities shown in these videos are what the ORDITAL software subscription provides. In addition to what is shown in these videos, ORDITAL provides on-demand services to extract data from the captured photographs using crowd sourcing and post processing of that information. The on-demand services provide increases in data quality at decreased cost to the organization charged with extracting data from photographs, but they are optional.

Using the ORDITAL system for capturing, cataloguing and classifying asset photographs provides a very strong return on investment over traditional methods. Check out the calculator on our web site to see how much you are wasting today with traditional cataloguing.

Stephen Crampton