Caltex Spark Programme

ORDITAL is a boot-strapped start-up with a growing portfolio of successful projects around the world. Life in a boot-strapped start-up is about trying to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. You have to be exceptionally frugal and have to have a razor sharp focus on a path to profitability. To survive in this environment you must be nimble and look at things very differently to traditional corporates, and because of this many corporates are looking to engage with start-ups as a method of bringing change to their organizations.

Caltex Australia engaged Slingshot to run their Spark programme to engage with start-ups and scale-ups. ORDITAL was categorized as a scale-up (“… a Scaleup business is one that is a minimum 3 years old with 20% growth year on year. You would already have a product with market fit and customers…).

There were 330 companies that applied to participate in the programme. A short list was invited to pitch to Caltex and 12 were selected to participate in the programme, which kicked off on 29th May 2018.

The end result of the programme is that ORDITAL now counts Caltex Australia as a customer and we now have successful projects with Caltex in place. The finale of the programme was a Demo Day held in front of the largest screen in the southern hemisphere.

Stephen Crampton