Integrating Voice to Text into Asset Data Capture

As with my previous post on the use of selfie sticks, some of the most productive solutions are hiding in plain sight. When it comes to asset data capture we don't want auditors spending time typing data in the field - particularly if its in a hazardous area where gloves are required. Easy solution - voice to text.

Voice to text has been around for a while, but its continually getting better. We have recently started using this approach in actual field audits and have been getting good results so thought we would share it here. The video below shows how this works on the iPhone. Even in noisy areas just hold the microphone close to your mouth and you'll get good results.

You need to be aware that Voice to Text on the iPhone will only currently work when you have a network connection. We are starting to do some work with Android devices and these support off-line Voice to Text.

So there you have it - a simple solution for field data entry that works really well. Try it out for yourself if you haven't already.

Stephen CramptonVOICE, TEXT, ASSET