Visualizing your Asset Register

I'm please to announce that we have just  pushed our enhanced Asset Navigator to production, meaning that it is immediately available to all of our clients. The ability to visualize the hierarchy is an essential component to the solution and has been present in the ORDITAL solution since it was initially released. The Asset Navigator is engineered to support extremely large numbers of assets in the hierarchy, and as evidence of this we have clients with more than 200,000 assets within a single plant being visualized.

Today we are substantially enhancing that capability as shown in the short video below.

When you rely on Microsoft Excel to build your asset register, as the majority of organizations do,  you don't get to see what your hierarchy looks like before you try to upload it into your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). The ORDITAL Asset Navigator allows you to verify visually that the hierarchy is as you expect.

No matter which CMMS system is used to capture the information, an accurate system asset hierarchy is of paramount importance in today’s plant environment. As we examine the importance and significance of an asset hierarchy and the pitfalls of an asset hierarchy that is not current, it will become apparent that we are wasting both time and money if the hierarchy is not up to date. If the hierarchy is not accurate it is impossible to gain the reliability, maintainability and required traceability of the assets.
— Paul Langan, Life Cycle Engineering

Enhancements we are delivering today include the following

  • Drag-and-drop
    • The ability to drag and drop one or more assets into a different place in the hierarchy.
    • Including the ability do drag an entire section of the hierarchy into a new locations
  • New asset types
    • SPARE - to represent a spare part or material that is used to service an item (ie. chemicals & lubricants)
    • TOOL - to represent a tool that is typically used to service an item of equipment
    • COMPONENT - to represent an item that is installed on the equipment that may not be represented in the asset management system

Every EAM / CMMS is slightly different in the way it deals with the asset hierarchy. To ensure maximum flexibility to satisfy this wide range of requirements, the ORDITAL Asset Navigator is freed from constraints to provide maximum flexibility.

Stephen Crampton