Success with AssetFuture

At the start of this year, I received a call from AssetFuture enquiring about our solutions. They were preparing to submit a bid to do a comprehensive audit of secure facilities for a government agency. The secure nature of the project was raising some challenges that needed to be dealt with in order to provide a winning bid.

AssetFuture is a privately owned Australian company specialising in Asset Optimisation. We have developed a unique multilayered approach that incorporates asset identification, condition auditing, functionality assessment, degradation modelling and strategic asset planning. We have a proven track record of delivering cost efficiency across entire asset portfolios for all tiers of Government, large corporates and asset intensive organisations.

The Challenges

The project involved doing a complete audit of building facilities, equipment installed in those facilities, and capturing all documentation at those facilities. The facilities were spread across 13 sites and the sites themselves were spread across a very wide geographic area spanning thousands of kilometres. It was in the area of capturing equipment information that AssetFuture would be working with ORDITAL.

The secure nature of the facilities imposed a number of constraints. The AssetFuture team would need to be escorted at all times whilst in the facilities, this meant that the team would need to get in and out as quickly as possible. Whilst the team needed to capture information quickly, the accuracy of the equipment information could not be compromised. Finally, devices with network access were not permissible within the facilities, so the solutions would need to operate completely off-line.

The ORDITAL solution was selected for the bid because it would allow the AssetFuture team to get in and capture-classify-catalogue high resolution imagery very quickly. The solution would then allow accurate attributes to be extracted from the photos using a combination of software and services.

The Execution

The AssetFuture team were successful in winning the bid for audit of all facilities and the project kicked off in April of this year.

The AssetFuture back office team were building a location hierarchy from a range of client data sources concurrently with field data collection. This location hierarchy would be loaded into the ORDITAL solution and synchronized with the ORDITAL mobile app on a nightly basis. This allowed the AssetFuture audit team to enter the facilities each day with the latest information on areas in the facilities they would be auditing that day. The AssetFuture team would then progress through each area and capture the equipment items that were installed in that area. The information captured included classification and condition codes - and of course classified photographs.

The Result

Two people from the AssetFuture audit team were allocated to collect all equipment information. The devices used for collection were iPad's without a cellular network. At the conclusion of each day's audit the AssetFuture team would return to their hotels and securely synchronize that day's data back to the ORDITAL servers.

The AssetFuture audit team completed their work in all facilities by the end of June. At the conclusion of the collection effort they had uploaded ~15GB of imagery. There were almost 6,000 equipment items audited and 13,000 photos captured. In terms of averages this meant an average of 1.2MB per photograph and 2.2 photographs per asset. At the peak of the collection effort approximately 300 equipment items per day were being audited by individual team members.

ORDITAL provided services to extract data from each photograph and post-process the asset data to optimize accuracy of the extracted information. Data extraction and post-processing of all data was completed by ORDITAL also at the end of June.


The nature of the equipment installed in these facilities wide and varied - much of it never encountered by ORDITAL before. At the conclusion of this project ORDITAL set about creating significant enhancements to its systems to enable future projects like this one to be handled even more efficiently. Specifically we have included new asset types and new photographs types into the solution directly as a result of executing this project.

ORDITAL was a key part of our solution going into this project. The software and services from ORDITAL helped us to meet our objectives in terms of on-time and on-budget delivery to our client. We are continuing to include ORDITAL solutions in our bids and look forward to executing more projects together with ORDITAL.
— Russell Black, Client Solutions Manager, AssetFuture
Stephen Crampton