First look at the new mobile app

ORDITAL released its first mobile app in August 2014, and then made it available on the Apple App Store for the first time in February 2015. The app continued to be enhanced as ORDITAL reacted to projects being undertaken by our customers taking tens of thousands of photos.

The focus had been on providing users with a solution that worked. In July of 2015 we decided to take a fresh look at the mobile app, and the solution in general, based on the projects we had conducted. This resulted in more asset types, more photo types and a broader schema that has been rolled into the server solution.

In order to allow us to take a fresh look at the mobile app we carried out a design competition and received dozens of fresh new ideas on re-imagined user interfaces. We were able to narrow in on a design concept and then proceeded to work through the detail of that design.

The mobile app was given to Apple for their review and release on the App Store on Friday 6th November, 2015. The review process can take anywhere from minutes to weeks depending how many requests are in the queue. This version of the mobile app has significant enhancements over the most recent version, but we are calling this a preview release as there are still a couple of known issues on some of the new functionality. All of the previous functionality is working fine, so we made the decision to release now so that clients can take advantage of the new asset and photo types which we felt was very important. The fixes to known issues will begin to roll through as updates via the app store over the coming weeks.

Stephen Crampton