ORDITAL was founded in January 2014 by Stephen Crampton. An engineer by background, Stephen’s 25+ year career has been spent with technical software vendors who are focused on selling and supporting software used in a wide range of technical applications. Stephen has successfully built and led technical sales & support organizations across a wide range of territories.


Over Stephen's long career in technical software, he has been heavily involved in trying to help asset intensive organizations improve the quality of the asset data that they utilize for managing those assets. The focus of these approaches has been on data handover, and whilst that might work relatively well for engineering data around the functional physical objects (TAG's), the materialized data (make, model, serial number) was always problematic.  There are many reasons which contributed to that, overwhelmingly the approach of data handover for materialized data was failing organizations, with the end result that the physical and digital plants are out of sync leading to inefficiencies in supply chain and maintenance.

Organizations understand this problem, and routinely send people out to inspect the name plates on assets to verify what is physically installed at any point in time because they can't trust the data in their asset management systems to be accurate. The data they do trust is on the asset name plate. So ORDITAL was formed to look at new solutions to leverage this reality - that the only data that is trusted is attached to the equipment.

ORDITAL released its solution for this problem in July 2014. The solution allows clients to easily capture, classify and catalogue photographs for assets on a smartphone to build very big data sets of photographs very quickly. ORDITAL then processes those photographs to extract data that is measurable in its quality.

Finally, whilst the name plate is trusted, the information contained within it was only accurate at the time the equipment left the factory. To deal with this ORDITAL has established a large manufacturer database that is synchronized with the Dun & Bradstreet company register in real time so clients can see if their manufacturers continue to be operating entities and understand what assets are impacted when a manufacturer ceases trading, or is acquired by another company. ORDITAL also provides a social network integrated into the solution that allows manufacturers, contractors and operators to collaborate on assets to further improve quality.

The ORDITAL solution has been used across industries from Oil & Gas through to Government facilities, on greenfield and brownfield projects, and on assets sets ranging from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand assets demonstrating the scalability and versatility of the solution.



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