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Changing Asset Data Capture

Changing Asset Data Capture

Asset Management starts with knowing what you have


Precision drives value

Asset Management is essential for companies that seek to derive value from the operation of assets. Those companies generating the most value from their assets do so by managing those assets with precision and that starts with knowing what you have with precision.

Companies that manage assets know just how difficult and costly it is to get precision data on their assets and keep that data in sync with the assets that are physically installed at any point in time.

We solve this problem by allowing assets to be described with classified photographs, and the asset management system to be populated with data extracted from those photographs.

Our customers establish precision asset management systems on a foundation of precision asset data that is captured many times faster, more safely, and less expensively than traditional methods.



Asset Management - encompassing operations, maintenance and supply chain functions - sits at the core of efforts to deliver maximum value from assets in the Energy & Resources, Chemicals, Life Sciences, Utilities, and Facilities Management sectors.

There are many companies with important roles to play in Asset Management, in addition to the owner of the asset. This can include manufacturers,  vendors, contractors, inspectors and consultants.



Quality Asset Data underpins a successful Asset Management system - you need to know what you have before you can manage it. But capturing that data, and keeping it up to date, is difficult and expensive. It remains a laborious, error prone, field data capture exercise.

And whilst the data attached to the asset is the most trusted information available, it is only accurate at the time the equipment left the factory. Mergers, acquisitions & bankruptcies in companies related to the asset can change the current accuracy of the data being captured. 



The world captures information with photographs on smart phones. Building upon this, we provide a mobile app to allow an asset to be completely described with classified asset photos. We don't want you to be typing anything in the field.

We all know taking photos is much faster than data entry - which is why we all do it. And because we are not asking your photographers to interpret data we don't need them to be "experts in assets" - just to be able to take a photo. All this leads to much faster (and safer) projects with lower skilled staff, resulting in very significant cost savings.

Our solution extracts data from the classified asset photos, verifies the information against our dynamic company database, and sends that data back to your asset management system.